How your donations help

Together, we are making a vital difference to children with cancer

Our mission is to improve survival rates and the quality of life for young cancer patients, and to find ways to prevent cancer in the future. We fund ground-breaking research and vital support services to help children and young people with cancer and their families. We also organise special events and days out for families to bring them moments of hope and joy during difficult cancer journeys and we raise awareness to inspire others to help.

Your donations help us fund research

We are currently funding more than 60 research projects at centres of excellence around the UK, helping us to better understand these diseases and to find more-effective, less toxic ways of treating them.

Your donations help us raise awareness

We raise awareness by sharing stories from families affected by childhood cancer. We welcome guest bloggers and researchers to share their experiences too, so we can provide comfort and support to parents and families.

 Your donations help us support families

We fund a host of vital support services and special events to provide support and care for children with cancer and their families. 

Our free days out for families affected by childhood cancer provide respite from the daily worries of a childhood cancer diagnosis and allow them to make lasting, happy memories away from the hospital. Children can forget about their cancer treatment and enjoy just being children. On top of this, their families have the chance to create support networks with other families in similar situations.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing a family should have to worry about is their finances. Treatment can last up to three years, during which the additional childcare costs, loss of earnings and expenses of travelling miles from home for treatments, put a considerable financial burden on families. We keep families together during treatment by funding free accommodation close to children’s hospitals across the country and providing financial assistance to families when they need it most.